Reiki Healing with Deb Karpek at Peaceful World Reiki

A Reiki Session

The experience of a Reiki treatment is unique to each person. Your time on the table lasts about an hour, and you will want to add some time for talking. Before the session I'll talk to you about what you can expect from your treatment. You can then share why you've come for a Reiki session and what you'd like to work on, but you do not need to if you are not comfortable doing so.

Wear comfortable clothing and minimal jewelry. You'll remove only your shoes for the treatment. When you lie down on the table I will ask you to think about setting your intention, something you'd like to heal. It can be anything - spiritual, mental, physical or emotional. Sometimes people cannot narrow it down to just one thing, or can't think of anything, so I share the following affirmation: I am ready and willing to let go of those things that no longer serve me or my highest good, so I may bring in those things that do. It's sort of a nice multi-purpose affirmation that covers all the bases!

I'll start the session by clearing the space around your body and will then stand at you feet where I will say my prayer of intention and offer you a Reiki blessing. I will also scan your body/aura. Sessions can vary - I may work intuitively or I may use the standard hand positions, depending on what comes up. Unless there is a need for me to work on your back I will keep you on your back, start on your head and work my way down your body, ending with your feet. I hold each hand position approximately five minutes. I do not talk during a session as I like for you to be able to tune into the experience. If you feel the need to talk, I let you drive that.

I try to make the experience as comfortable as possible. I play Reiki music, use candles and aromatherapy, usually Lavender or Chamomile. The lights are kept low and I have a heated pad on the table if you prefer the warmth. An organic flax seed pillow is placed over your eyes to help you relax. There is a pillow for your head and another is placed under your knees.

You may feel heat or tingling from my hands; it's hard to know as everyone experiences the Reiki energy in their own unique way. Some people report seeing colors, others see people and places. Some people feel very deeply as the blocked energy is released, some people cry. Many people fall asleep and others do not feel anything. Every session is different. Remember ? Reiki finds you when you need it and it gives you what you need. It is always for your highest good and cannot do harm. Just allow yourself to relax and let the Reiki work with you. The session will last about an hour, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more.

Afterwards we'll talk about your experience. I'll share with you anything that may have come up during the session and I encourage you to do the same, but again, if you are not comfortable you do not need to.

Reiki is a deeply rejuvenating, restorative and safe process. At the very least you will have an hour of quiet, restful time for yourself. At the most it can change your life.

Come get some Reiki!

Reiki finds you when you need it and gives you what you need.